Our Cocktail Selection 

           by Chantelle Horn 

Lucky League


30 ml               Bloedlemoen Gin

12,5 ml            lemon juice

15 ml               Raspberry Syrup (1 cup sugar: 1 cup                                       boiling water: 10 raspberries. Shake to                                   dissolve sugar then chill)

20 ml               Egg White (yes egg white. Pro tip: The                                     lemon cooks the egg. Kind of.)

20 ml               Dry vermouth

Shake the hell out of that drink... Then fine strain into a coup or martini. Garnish with a flower.

Bloedlemoen SAgroni 

25 ml               Bloedlemoen Gin

25 ml               Campari

25 ml               Full Cream Sherry

1                     Orange twist/peel garnish                             (Pro tip: use a potato peeler)


Stir all ingredients together and strain into a tumbler glass with a big block of ice. Take the twist and squeeze the oil over the drink.

Pro tip 2:  Run the peel on the outside of the glass - it gives you a multi sensory experience with the orange oil on your fingertips.

Sherbet around the Clock

37,5 ml            Bloedlemoen gin

20 ml               Vanilla syrup (Pro tip: You can                             find in the baking section in most                         grocers)

20 ml               Lemon Juice

70 ml               Cranberry Juice


Shake all the ingredients and garnish with two lemon wedges.

Bloedlemoen Mule

37,5 ml                 Bloedlemoen Gin

15 ml                    Sugar syrup (1 part sugar: 1                              part boiling water. Shake                                  to dissolve sugar then chill)

½                         Lime squeezed

Pour all ingredients into a tall glass with ice. Give a quick stir. Garnish with lime shell